About Me

Archery and Art have always been a part of my life. If you’re interested in my archery story in particular, feel free to call me so that we can talk about it! I love sharing it.

And while archery will always be my first love, art has been consistent outlet of self expression  my entire life. My favorite mediums are charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil. I also love to play around with paints, be it oil or acrylic. My eagerness to work with a variety of mediums, paved the way for me to explore digital mediums and the online world. I started designing websites for myself when I was 11 years old. Websites got me interested in how everything worked, especially aspects of design. I caught on quickly, and the features came almost as second nature.

I continued to expand my artistic background throughout High School. In my junior year, I took a website development class using HTML and Dreamweaver. At the same time, I added more art classes until I was in AP Art, my senior year. 

My artistic background influences every website I create. I am constantly learning new things, and am applying my new knowledge to my client’s sites. My goal with each client is constant, transparent communication, sending frequent updates and remaining just an email or call away.

And art and archery aren’t the only things I adore! I have three amazing kittens that are constantly by my side when I’m working, so I’m going to introduce them as well!