Jaegerndorfer USA

Hobby Company in Reno, Nevada

The Case

Joane desperately needed a website redesign for her hobbyist sub company Jaegerndorfer USA distribution company. The website that was originally created was very basic, having no real though being put into it as it was created in 2 days 6 years ago just so that they had an online presence. Which in the end caused more questions than answers for their customers.

Joane knew exactly what she wanted for the website. Pushing me to dive deeper, and think harder on how to get the look and feel that she envisioned. She wanted a modern website that showed the products, easy to navigate, with beautiful images that is SEO friendly. The website needed to make people want to stay and look around.

We worked very hard together, getting the website exactly the way she wanted it. Spending hours on the phone looking over everything, adding new information, getting rid of the old outdated information.

Joane’s Requirements:

  • Modern
  • Beautiful Images on a Moving Banner
  • Consistency


Creating a completely customized website with Elementor. Jaegerndorfer USA needed to have a refresh of its content, images, as well as adding videos to show case the products.

Custom Modern Website
Beautiful Images

The Result

The new Jaegerndorfer USA website is modern, consistent, and uses beautiful images to really show case what Jaegerndorfer is about.

Clients are guided through the website to find the products that they need, bringing them to the parent company for purchases.

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