Stellar Blue Homepage Redesign

Stellar Blue Homepage Redesign

The Brief

Create a portfolio website based that highlights her services and that connects to her galleries.


As a Creative Lead at Stellar Blue Technologies, I was able to redesign and develop the new homepage for our company. Stellar Blue homepage redesign focused on a lighter overall look that really showcases their portfolio and full spectrum marketing services.

Stellar Blue Technologies is a full service digital marketing agency, but from the old homepage, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly Stellar Blue does, and our creative solutions where drowned out by a lot of unneeded noise.


  • The hero banner featured a space background with a bright sun. The white text describing what Stellar does, with a text carousal that bulleted the different services that Stellar offers.
  • The about section briefly talked about mission, then prompting the viewer to read more about Stellar or to read more about Stellar Cares.
  • A section that showcases the team, and within the middle section was a small area that was used to showcase the projects.
  • The following section was presenting the tools that the team uses to work on client projects, which ended up being one of the memorable sections of the page.


  • The hero banner is lighter, rotating between 5 different stock images that are relevant to the Stellar brand and services offered. It also highlights the tagline, and description that invites people to contact Stellar to start a conversation about their needs. The mouse, with the rotating center piece, when clicked brings visitors directly to the portfolio section. This mouse was created using HTML and CSS.
  • Directly underneath the hero banner is a section that talks about the services that Stellar offers, and a rotating banner ‘Transforming Companies since 2004’ was created with CSS. The services list the tools and skills that are mainly used for those services.
  • Showcasing the Stellar Blue portfolio was the main factor into creative this redesign. Each image features the hero spaces from some of the teams favorite projects, some image from their clients, and other sections of client websites that were creatively designed and developed. Each box is interactive, allowing you to hover over the images, and selecting them. Which brings you directly to their project pages.
  • The team section is highlighted by the space background, smaller team images, and a short description of the team.
  • I reduced the space that the ‘tools of our trade’ sections take by creating 4 columns and removing the large logos. Now it is no longer a section that takes away from the portfolio.