UVANTA Sell Sheets

UVANTA Sell Sheets

The Brief

Create a portfolio website based that highlights her services and that connects to her galleries.


At UVANTA, more than anything, we are about building relationships that deliver results.

While some pharmacies may impose some pre-ordained method or regimen of care, and assume to know-it-all when it comes to your facility, we take a different approach. At UVANTA, we always listen to you first. We first seek to understand your unique needs, expectations, concerns, and challenges that you face everyday. Only then, do we begin developing a customized “Plan of Care” that aligns our services with your needs and expectations, designed to address your concerns and challenges. And, we provide those services and deliver results like no other pharmacy can; because we are the only long-term care pharmacy in the nation that combines the advantages of local ownership with the capabilities and array of services of a national organization, so you get The Personal Care You Deserve with The Strengths and Resources You Need.

Scope of Work

Creating an informational 8 brochure with 8 individual pages that highlight UVANTA’s services

Tools Used:


UVANTA re-contracted with Stellar Blue Technologies to redesign their entire website to achieve a modern look and feel, as well as creating eight (8) UVANTA sell sheets using their old marketing sell sheets as the base.

The initial step was to create a moodboard for the client, as they had no branding guidelines other than their logo, which can be seen here (insert link here)

The clients highest priority was to create the sell sheets, which would allow them to print their new marketing material ASAP. These sheets are a bundle that are put into their patients folders, but since not all sheets are needed for all patients it needed to make sense visually.

While discussing with the client, I had two ideas that came to mind.

  • The first idea was to create the sheet with a vertical strip that held the title of the service, and each page would remove that vertical strip.
  • The other idea was influenced by their logo, which centers around a triangle. It was to have the titles of the page be in the upper right hand corner, and that each sheet would remove part of the triangle that was no longer needed so that the previous name would still be visible.


I preferred the second idea, and after drafting the two sheets, the client selected the second idea, to my glee! I dove right into the creation of the remaining seven (7) sell sheets, which took me about six (6) hours to complete the initial drafts.

I shared the drafts with the clients team using Mark Up. They absolutely loved the layout, the images selected, and the flow of the sheets. They had a handful of minor copy changes (which they had initially provided the copy to us), to use a different product image (which they sent over,) and to move a few points around.

These sell sheets would help direct the flow of the website, as they reflected the same information.

UVANTA Informational Cards PDFDownload

Stellar Blue worked with us on refining and updating some old marketing sell sheets. Alice was great to work with and did a fantastic job. The job came in on time and budget. I wish we had known about them when we did the initial materials.
Steve Marcus