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Website Creation

Creating a website is much more than just putting together your blog, online shop, and your services. Your websites shows your customers and competitors what you are about. It put’s your brand out for the world to see. 


The website design process has been broken down into a simple system so that you can focus on what matters most, your business and family.

Choose from all of our services  to create the custom support that you need for your business.


Working together to learn and understand your goals for the website.

Action Plan

Creating a storyboard, identifying the key elements in order to create.


Turing the branding elements, typo, and content into a theme.


Acting upon the plan that we decided on to create your custom website.

Choose from two different options for your website design: 

Template Based Website

The template based website use a pre existing design from the library or one of our previous designs. Each template will be modified to match your brand, using photos, and copy of your choosing. This options allows for a beautiful website at an affordable price.

Pricing starts at $1,500

Custom Website

We will design a custom website from scratch using Elementor. We’ll use your branding as a guide to create the look and feel for the website. If you don’t have a brand set up, we’ll help get you through the process. This investment will deliver you a beautiful custom website.

Pricing Starts at $3,000

Storyboard Design

One of the most important steps in designing a website is to figure out the structure. This includes the number of pages, landing pages, menu and submenu items, contact form and call to action locations. This is critical information that will drive the desired outcome… Conversions.


First things first, your business brand needs to be done before the website can start being created. You’ll need your elements: a logo, two to three colors and typography, as well as images. You will also want to have a general idea of your target market.  

We will help you get your branding together before proceeding to the storyboard design.

If you already have your brand together, and your target market then we will jump right into the storyboard.


“Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time”.

Using WordPress as the platform and the plugin Elementor we are able to create a customized website for your business. We do use other plugins to optimize your needs for your website.


“Everything you need to grow online. Simple tools for your big ideas.”

Squarespace is a beautiful website builder that is based on templates. This is a wonderful way to go if you are a photographer, wanting your own wedding website, or have other services that you want to highlight. They offer a large variety of services for online shops, and they now offer memberships!

Additional Services

Web Maintenance & Support

Whether you’ve just had your site created, either through me or you DYI’d it, or if you’d had your site for years, I’ll take care of the up-keeping for you! There are yearly, and monthly services, or one-time updates available.

What are Website Maintenance Plans:

Website Maintenance Plans is an ongoing premium service to keep the website up-to-date. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what makes the robot eyes of Google bring your website higher list, hopefully even the first page, and even better #1! Content creation & revision, keywords, and updates keep those robots happy. Which will bring in more money for you.

Includes: Website Auditing and Corrections, On-page SEO, Keyword and Competitor Research

How much does SEO Services cost?

For a small business, SEO is $500 a month.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Working together to help get your business up and running. I’ll take the time to do the administration work or projects that you just don’t have the time to start. 

  • Database Management
  • Paperwork
  • Customer Service Relations

How much does the Virtual Administrative Assistant cost?

It is $35 an hour! We will be working closely together, for as long as you need, so that you can can focus on more pressing matters for your business.

Social Media Management

Managing your social media accounts, creating brand content, monthly reports, and increasing follower growth with the idea of converting them to clients.

Create your own custom social media management packages! Send us an email, use the contact form, or call us to discuss what you are looking to get done!

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