Website Prep Work Guide: What to Gather Before Starting the Design Work

A complete checklist for your website preparations.


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Use this checklist to help get all of your necessary elements together, ensuring that your website design, or redesign, is smooth and stress-free. It’s best to have all these details ready before you begin. If any of these sections give you trouble, set them aside and reach out. We’ll talk through it, and find out what works best for you.

Author spotlight

As a website designer, I love working with Entrepreneurs by either creating their website for them or supporting them through the DIY process.

I help you through the entire website designing process, from initial design all the way to the copy. We’ll bring out the magic that’s within your dreams and visions, turning them into the reality that you get to live in every day.

The checklist is in the front of the guide and the explanations are on the pages after it. This guide will help you through the initial steps of getting your website together!

Alice Buswell