An open Macbook Air with the left hand corner of it touching an invisible surface with the rest of it floating in the air. On the screen, there is a visual of the new homepage for Fox Cities Chamber.

Fox Cities Chamber Website Redesign

Fox Cities Chamber

The Brief

Create a website based on new brand and integrates with Chamber Master


Through the years, the Fox Cities Chamber has a been a driving force in economic growth of our community and ensuring the success of our business community.

Scope of Work

Using brand new Logo and Brand for their website | Intergrating website with Chamber Master

Tools Used:


The Fox Cities Chamber website redesign was a team effort at Stellar Blue Technologies. I was the main designer and developer for this massive project, which we completed within a month.

The first step was creating the mock up and sitemap, which can be viewed here.

Once the mock up was approved, the staging site was created through WPEngine, hosting the WordPress site. Elementor Pro was the front end builder that was used to create the layout. Our team worked together by separating the tasks to divide and conquer to get this project done on time. The Marketing Lead helped transfer all of the copy from their old website onto the staging site, which allowed me to layout the pages based on the homepage. To make it flow faster, I created templates based on the sections on the homepage to easily be able to transfer them onto the other pages. Our Project Manager, then went through the pages as I completed them to make sure that they were mobile optimized, and adjusted them as needed. The three of us worked together to make sure that the site was ready for launch.

A week before launch, we had the internal review and the feedback from our clients to work through. A few more team members helped us get the final touches completed.

The biggest challenge with this project was the very tight deadline for this 70 page website, with a limited team working. The Fox Cities Chamber was doing a brand reveal on August 29th to showcase their brand new logo, and branding. Because of this, we needed to keep confidentiality. The Thursday before the brand reveal, we put up a ‘coming soon’ landing page with a count down timer.

This allowed for some anticipation to build for the brand reveal.

On Monday, August 29th, I needed to switch off the landing page, and cleared the cache from the server right at the time of the brand reveal so that everything was set up for their event. I also needed to switch their Favecon to their new logo, and make some final touches. One of those things was to connect their Chamber Master (Growth Zone) account to their new site, which is where their membership directory lives.

This was such a rewarding project to work on and complete! Definitely one of my favorites, especially being able to take it from initial mock up stage all the way through to development and launch.

By the end of the process we received a 5-star review from them on google! “We worked with Stellar Blue on our new web site and they did an amazing job! The end result was beautiful and on brand, and they gave great customer service throughout!”